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Spitfire IX TA805 - The Kent Spitfire (G-PMNF)

The Kent Spitfire was built in 1944.  It served with No 39 MU, 183 (Gold Coast) Squadron and then 234 (Madras Presidency) Squadron. It was struck of charge in 1949 and was shipped to the South African Air Force.

After restoration it flew again in 2005 and it is now based at Biggin Hill in Kent.

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Messerschmitt BF-108 Yellow 14 (G-ETME)

The Bf 108 was built as a pre-war touring aircraft.  Many of the design features went into the Bf 109.  It was used by the Luftwaffe as a communications and hack aircraft.  This particular aircraft was a French licence built Nord 1002.

It was repainted in 2007 and fitted with a smoke system. It is available as a solo display item or it can fly in a dog fight or airfield attack scenario.

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de Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk WZ879 (G-BWUT)

The classic de Havilland Chipmunk made its first flight on the 22nd May 1946 in Toronto and it entered RAF service in 1950. De Havilland of Canada produced 158 Chipmunks and De Havilland UK produced 740 aeroplanes.  The Chipmunk replaced the De Havilland Tiger Moth as elementary trainer for the Royal Air Force, also serving in the same role in the Royal Navy and Army Air Corps. In addition to its training role the Chipmunk was also used for communications flights in Germany and for internal security duties in Cyprus.  The Chipmunk eventually retired from military service in 1996.

Chipmunk WZ879 (G-BWUT) was delivered into service in July 1953 and served at Odiham, Booker, Cranwell, Scampton, Coningsby and Benson before being acquired by the current owner in 2009

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L4 Grasshopper Miss Norah (G-BECN)

This particular Cub was built in September 1944.  It missed the D-Day landings but was soon put into use and followed the allied advance through Europe where it served with the 30th Infantry Division of the Twelfth Army Group. The aircraft has recently gone through a thorough restoration and is now once again resplendent in the markings it wore while serving with the Twelfth Army Group.


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